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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Day

Here are some pics of the Family Day event that Glenn's training class put on. It was a beautiful night and really neat to see the guys showing off! I was able to snap a few pics so ENJOY!

Also, today is the first day of the Life Challenge. So I will be attempting two things:
buying flowers- which might actually just be a plant because I have a hard time buying things that you know are going to die in a few days
putting new life into something- I have a great ikat skirt from JOE that needs a new zipper. I have never put in a zipper, but I might try today!
Have a great day and take the time to count five things that you are happy for. Mine are: my husband (who is working so hard to give us a new life), my friends (who have been letting us rent their basement while we are in limbo), the local Value Village (because a girl on a severe budget still needs to shop), Porter going back to sleep with his dad so I can have a little break first thing this morning and my family (who are my sanity).

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