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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beautifully functioning closets... here we come!

Let's clean out your closet.
Just follow these easy steps to create a beautifully functioning closet.

1. Take a BEFORE picture… or two… or three.

2. Empty everything out. Yes, everything! I probably don't have to say this but…

3. Clean. I recommend using Watkins Aloe & Green Tea All Purpose Wipes. They are easy to use, green and have a wonderful clean smell.

4. Look at every item to ensure that it meets the criteria for going back in your closet. You must answer YES to all the following questions:

~Do you LOVE this item?

Does the item make you happy because it is beautiful, has a positive memory attached to it or makes you look and feel incredible.

~Have you worn it in the last year?

Some people say in the last two years -but really- if you haven't worn it in the last year… you aren't going to.

~Does it coordinate with at least 3 other items?

If you want to keep something make sure that it can be used in at least 3 outfits using your items in your new closet.

~Does it fit well and make you look good?

Maybe you love the item, you have worn it and it coordinated well with everything else… but if it doesn't fit right it won't look good. *Special note- Dr.Phil says to get rid of your "fat" clothes so you don't have an excuse to go back to them. And those "skinny" pants… they just don't fit so embrace your size and if you aren't happy and want to tone up or loose weight- once you do treat yourself to some new clothes!

5. You will now have a bunch of stuff to put back in your closet. I like to inventory what I have ...a little OCD... and then put it back in by type. Hang all your jackets together, all you button down shirts, etc. I also like to further sort by color and coverage… again OCD. If you can, invest in wooden hanger and lovely storage solutions. I also like to put up Push Lights so I can see my clothing. When you are placing your items back in the closet- face all the hanger heads toward the front of the closet, as you use the item, put it back on the hanger and change the head to face backward. This way you will find out which clothes you are actually wearing and encourage you to try something else.

6. For the items that didn't make it, you can:

~consign them with CHIC

~give to charity

~give away to someone who would love it

~use for a craft

~sell on eBay or another online seller

~throw out… this is the last resort- you can always make rags out of cotton or look at CHIC's page to find ways to freshen out items.

7. Take an AFTER photo and LOVE your new functioning closet!

8. You may realize that you are missing some staple pieces of clothing so write a list and when you go shopping remember- Don't buy anything on sale that you wouldn't pay full price for!

I hope that you had fun and that you feel energized to create some chic and beautiful outfits by shopping in your own closet.
If you want help with this or any other organizing email


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