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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Excited much?!?

Things that I am excited for...
  1. One of my best friends, Ashley, is letting me come over and give her closet a makeover! It only took one night of convincing her! Way to go, Ashley! I will be taking some photos and hopefully posting everything here... so stay tuned.
  2. Tomorrow (Friday) is cheat day! Whoot! Hubby and I have got our MacDonalds coupons ready... oh yeah! Last Friday we started this tradition and both were not feeling well that night or the next day, but we are definately taking it for the team again!
  3. Getting a bunch of consignment items posted this weekend and also (cross my fingers) getting my Watkins order... and some other online shopping items! It might not be good when the lovely ladies at Canada Post don't even ask for my ID anymore:)
Chat with you guys later... Have a great Thursday and take a minute to think about the things that you are excited for... there is always something!

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