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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do I Look Different From The Side?!?

Things have changed alot in my life in the last month... just as we were getting back in to the swing of things after the holidays- G and I found out that we were going to be parents!! As exciting as that was, our situation was a little different. We were adopting and our baby boy was waiting for us at the hospital! YOWZA! We have been caring for a little boy, who we have named Porter Lane Johnny Martin, since January 15, 2011. We are the greatest parents and he is the greatest baby... ha! We are learning alot and it is so amazing to see all the love and support flowing our way. Everyday I get to know my little man more and it is very addicting. So forgive the absense from the blog and trust that I will be on my best behavior from now on!! Here's a completely amateur photo (taken by yours truly)... we are waiting for the professional pictures to come from my girl, Janine Sept Photography!

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