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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Closet Redo!!

 My friend, Ashley was the bestest and let me come and give her closet a once over! We had a lot of fun and worked late into the night, but the results are definitely worth it! Thanks Glenn for looking after the little man so we could get this done and have a good catch up!

Here are some of her BEFORE pics.

Ashley's Before Pics... lots of clothes but not alot of order. She was worried that I would be mean so she did some presorting! HA!
We had a clothing rack and two sets of three drawers to get her clothing back into. No problem with Ashley and I on the job.
Here is what the area looked like after!!

Ashley was able to get her work clothes onto the clothing rack so that she could see all her items and can properly layer her outfits. Her drawers have room and order; this was accomplished by paring down her items. She was able to put her winter clothes away in storage and gave me a bunch of her t-shirts that she loved but only had them for sentimental reasons... not a working clothing item. I am going to be making these shirts into a tote for her. She was able to donate a bag to Salvation Army, consign one bag with CHIC and give two piles of clothing away to her aunt and cousin. This closet redo was very successful, especially when Ashley told me, "You weren't as mean as I thought you would be!" I loved working with Ashley because she wears her clothes like a piece of art. She can wears colors and patterns like no one else and rocks her outfits with confidence! I think that we can all learn from women who wear what they love and wear it proudly. Great job Ashley and thanks again for trusting me to come and help get your wardrobe organized!!

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