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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Basement Ideas for Ruth W

Bedroom Wall with the beige and white
White for trim, Bedroom wall and bathroom
I am a little too excited that my mom is FINALLY able to renovate her basement. She asked me to put together some ideas for her and so, here they are. My mom, Ruth, is fun and bright and yet very traditional. To keep with those characteristics and to keep the budget relatively low I tried to have all the items be dual purpose and timeless. We also needed to limit our items to places that were easy to get to in Edmonton or online because she is from the Yukon. If I get the floorplan I will put the layout up as well. 
Tobacco Cork Floor, Home Depot
Main Wall Color


Master Bed Linen, Various Stores

Bedside Lamp, Various Stores

Bedside Table, Pier 1

Club Chair used for dining and living room, Urban Outfitters

Console Table, Various Stores

Pillow and Linen for window seat

Pillow for living room

Floor lamp for Dining Room, Crate and Barrel

Floor Lamp for Living Room, Various Stores

Lighting for Master Bedroom, Various Stores

Sectional and Ottoman, Crate and Barrel

Club chair for Bedroom, Various Stores

Table for Dining Room, IKEA

Window Treatments, Various Stores

Zebra Rug, Various Stores
So, what do you think? I am so excited to see what it looks like, how about you? Hopefully she took Before pics because the Afters are going to be amazing!!

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  1. I put a comment and it is is gone. I am planning for Dura ceramic in the bathroom, kitchen and entry. Any ideas for color. Also the kitchen will have very light wood. I don't care for the bed - I think I would prefer wood but you did an amazing job. I really like the color scheme.