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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Instead of 1000 words... here are some photos!

Hello Again,

It has been forever since I updated my blog. There has been so much that has happened that I don't know how to start. Soooo... to make a long story short, our community was devastated by wildfires and flooding and although our home was safe from both my life is still in chaos. In the past 6 months we have experienced a little of everything including: a baby, medical leave for both my husband and I, a switch from full-time work to parental leave, a puppy, a career change, a devastating wildfire in our community, an evacuation, living out of a garbage bag while at a friends parents house, a flood, a move, home renovations, listing our house for sale, having Prince William and Kate visit our community, living with friends like gypsies and anything else that comes with all of this. We still feel like we are the lucky ones...

Right now, we are concentrating on Glenn finishing his training and then trying to sell our house so we can buy here. We dream of being settled again soon, but know that God's timing is perfect and that if we continue to trust he will be able to work his perfect plan.

On that note, here are some pictures of some of the things that have happened the last year! Enjoy!

The fire that eventually took all of these homes and more

This is the view as we evacuated... fires surrounding us

Nana, Papa and a very happy Porter

Great Uncle Donn and Porter

Uncle Joel... or Porter's chew toy

Great Grandma meeting her 1st Great Grandbaby for the first time

Slave Lake Fire Department ready to greet the Prince and Princess

All lined up
Ha! The Prince and Princess are in there... I swear... I saw them and lost my cool!

 I also spent alot of time cleaning, staging and moving out of our home in Canyon Creek that is now for sale... check it out here...

Hopefully I will be better at updating this as my mom calls me every week and tells me that people want to see more pics of Porter!

Have a great week and focus on what you have not what you don't!


  1. I love the pictures but I think that an Auntie one happens to be missing!! Perhaps we need another visit so you can get a new photo opportunity. It is hard to believe all that you have been through this year!

  2. Hey Chelsea - hope things go well with the sale of your home! Porter is sure getting big! We are in the city for the next year as well so maybe we can do coffee together sometime :) Take care